A dungeon crawler game where each character has only one ability. They are able to use their ability only once per level. Each character and enemy has only one health. You can build up a party but can control only one character at time.

Each level has multiple ways to solve it, and depending on your party makeup you may or may not be able to get through certain doors. Some doors can be opened with buttons, and some require hitting certain enemies.

There are eight possible classes to use, each with only one ability. They also only have one color.

Recruiter -  add one person to your party

Fire Mage - burn one thing

Ice Mage - freeze one thing

Solider - slash in 3 x 1 area 

Pike - stab in a 1 x 3 area

Archer - Shoot one arrow

Thief - Unlock one door

Bunny - jump over one block

There is currently no way to restart the whole game, if you'd like to start again please refresh the window. 

Developed in 48 hours for the GMTK GameJam by @JoeShanahan and @AmyElli41173293


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i don't seem to understand one thing - once you use the ability, you're not able to use it anymore?

For each level, each party member can only use their ability once. That means the recruiter can only recruit one character, the solider slash only once, and the thief only unlock one door. You get the abilities back in the next level.

oops, silly me., haha.

finished, this is very well done! it could be kind of a metroidvania style game where you can only access certain parts with certain characters and would lead to different paths. this is really fun, congrats.

Hey there!
Your game is is such a good concept! At first I struggled to understand the controlls, but in the end i got it. It seems a little to limiting to have only one character to pick, since it kinda gives the upzzle away too easily. Walking is a little cumbersmoe since you have to do it per each square. The music and particles effects where great! I loved this game averall, there' s a lot of potential in it.

the game looks cool but it seems like there's no exit from after you've chosen the thief or the soldier since it swaps to recruiter and there's no thief to use...

When you swap levels, it changes back to the recruiter, but your other party members are still there, you just need to press space to swap to them. Each recruitment room you enter you can add one extra person to your party.

This looks super cool, but for some reason the game won't let me switch characters. I'll maybe try again tomorrow :)

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We weren't super clear in game, so just to clear up any confusion this is how it works:

+ You start off with one character (the recruiter)
+ The recruiter can recruit one character by standing next to them and pressing the arrow key
+ Once you've recruited a second character, you can swap with the spacebar

Was that the problem or was it something else?

- Joe

Ohhh I thought the spacebar would let you change characters right off the bat. Sorry for the confusion! Hey, I know you're already rating games from a community post but I'd really appreciate it if you could check out mine? https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2019/rate/461284

The games are coming in faster than we can rate them! We've rated 72 so far between the two of us, but still have a backlog of 24. 

I'll check yours out now and then head to bed I think, can do more tomorrow.

- Joe

Thanks so much! :D